Sunday, May 08, 2011

Back Again Here

Along the way I made new blog but then I came back again to my previous blog I possessed since 2002. I just couldn't make things better in the new blog... It feels like my old hometown when I back in here, since I have lot of story i've wrote...

Alhamdulillah wa shukurillah, with my two kids I'm multiplying my self  into new characters inside of them, They are such lovely  gifts from Allah with those cute smiles cuddles and even their frustrations about the world around them, beat it was me as a mother with straight rule on few things and strict father on many other things... The way they cope with all this situations, I just admire them... Some time they just explode but so many times I found them very calm by just throwing a naughty smiles on us...  These things change me a lot and I will keep on seedling till the best I can get...

It's exactly 1 year since I put my son into Islamic School, with him I learnt again what I forgot sometimes back... and cos of him I checked again some of my book which been neglected for so long. He's learning Asmaul husna and some hadeeths... By this way I recalled some old memories from book so at least I know the answer when he ask me... Here some links for you who wants to get good books

Anyway I m so glad having my old blog back...I  hope to continue write positive post... #IIHAVEMYLAPPYBACKFYI

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